Air-Fryer French Fries with Creamy Garlic BBQ Dip

4 Servings

30 MIN


0-15 min


25 MIN


1-½ lb

yellow-fleshed potatoes, scrubbed and cut into ½-inch-thick strips

1 tbsp

olive oil

½ tsp

garlic salt

¼ cup

Heinz Garlic Aioli

¼ cup

Diana Gourmet Rib & Chicken Barbecue Sauce


Step 1

Heat air-fryer to 400°F. Toss potatoes with oil and garlic salt in large bowl to coat evenly.

Step 2

Spray air-fryer basket with cooking spray. Arrange potatoes in prepared basket, then place basket in airfryer. Cook 20 - 22 min. or until potatoes are tender and evenly golden, shaking basket gently once or twice during cooking.

Step 3

Meanwhile, mix Aioli and Barbecue Sauce. Serve with fries.

Step 4

Variations: Hot BBQ Dip: Swap Aioli with ¼ cup Heinz Tomato Ketchup Hot & Spicy Chipotle Ranch-Up: Swap Aioli and Barbecue Sauce with ¼ cup each Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Kraft Rancher’s Choice Dressing. Stir in ½ tsp PC Chipotle Hot Sauce. Sweet BBQ Mustard Dip: Swap Aioli and Barbecue Sauce with ¼ cup each Bull’s-Eye Bold Original BBQ Sauce and Miracle Whip Dressing. Stir in 1 tsp Heinz Dijon Mustard.