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Welcome to the delicious world of Kraft Heinz. We’re excited to have you at our table. Dig into the brands, recipes and tools, that'll make your next dish the best one yet.

Creating Smiles Between Bites

At Kraft Heinz, we don't just care about how our food tastes – we care about about how it makes you feel. We believe in making every day a little more delicious.

The Latest

  1. Get set to Savour Summer.

    You can win 20,000,000 PC Optimum Points.

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  2. Pure J.L. KRAFT Dressings & Marinades

    Simple Ingredients. Just like homemade.

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  3. Sustainability

    See how Heinz is going 100% sustainable by 2025

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  4. Kraft Hockeyville

    Win an NHL game and $250 000 for your town.

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  5. Scan your scrapes

    Scan your empty jar and get a FREE one on us.

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  6. Comfort is served

    The one and only macaroni – it’s gotta be KD

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  7. Mornings = covered

    Let the bears take care of your entire breakfast.

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  8. Renée's Gourmet

    An iconic part of Canadian salads since 1984

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  9. Hash without the scramble

    Find delicious meals with Crave.

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Eat It Up

From what to cook, where to eat, and how to feed your crew on a budget — we're serving up experiences that make your day delicious.

Cook Better With Everyday Ingredients

Level up with What’s Cooking, the skill-building recipe app with step-by-step videos. Discover all the great dishes made with pantry staples.

So Much More

From our great foods — the world of Kraft Heinz is full of delicious surprises. Come discover them all.

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