BBQ Pork Walking Taco

8 Servings

Main Course

8 HRS 30 MIN


15 MIN


8 HRS 15 MIN




1/4 cup


1-1/2 cups

KRAFT Original Barbecue Sauce, divided

1 (2 lb.) 

pork shoulder

8 (1 oz. each)  bags

corn chips

1-1/2 cups

shredded cheddar cheese

1-1/2  cups

loosely packed shredded lettuce


tomato, chopped


Step 1

MIX water and 1/2 cup barbecue in slow cooker sprayed with cooking spray until blended. Add meat; turn to evenly coat all sides of meat with barbecue sauce. Cover with lid.

Step 2

COOK on LOW 8 to 10 hrs. (or on HIGH 4 to 6 hrs.) or until meat is done.

Step 3

TRANSFER meat to shallow dish, reserving cooking liquid in slow cooker. Trim and discard any fat from meat.

Step 4

USE 2 forks to pull meat into shreds; place in large bowl. Add remaining barbecue sauce and 1/2 cup of the reserved cooking liquid.

Step 5

OPEN bags of chips; top with meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Drizzle with remaining barbecue sauce.

Shortcut: This is a great way to use any leftover cooked pork you might have in the refrigerator. Shred enough pork to measure 3 cups; place in microwaveable bowl. Add 1 cup barbecue sauce and 1/4 cup water; mix lightly. Microwave on HIGH 4 min. or until heated through. Spoon over opened bags of corn chips, then top with remaining ingredients as directed.

Serving Suggestion: Drizzle filled corn chip bags lightly with some of the reserved cooking liquid in addition to the remaining barbecue sauce.

Healthful Habit: Get your steps in while enjoying one of these walking tacos. They are portioncontrolled and great when you are on the go!