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Welcome to the delicious world of Kraft Heinz. We’re excited to have you at our table. Dig into the brands, recipes and tools, that'll make your next dish the best one yet.

Creating Smiles Between Bites

At Kraft Heinz, we don't just care about how our food tastes – we care about about how it makes you feel. We believe in making every day a little more delicious.

The Latest

  1. Get Mio Energy

    Turn tap water into tap energy.

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  2. Kraft Sauces

    Dip, drizzle & spread.

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  3. Taco Bell at Home

    Make Taco Bell at home with our flavorful kits and sauces.

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  4. Sip & Chill

    Enjoy a cafe style ice latte at home with Maxwell House.

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  5. Do The Dunk

    Nothing dunks better than a Kraft Singles grilled cheese.

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  6. Take the Heinz Quiz

    Get recipes and products recommended just for you.

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  7. S'more of what you love

    Make a campfire classic with Jet Puffed marshmallows.

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  8. No Rules All Drip

    Velveeta is silver spoon and plastic fork approved.

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  9. Stove Top Bowls

    Stuffing has never been easier. Or tastier.

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  10. Black Kitchen

    Let's celebrate and preserve the legacy of Black food.

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Eat It Up

From what to cook, where to eat, and how to feed your crew on a budget — we're serving up experiences that make your day delicious.

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