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Welcome to the delicious world of Kraft Heinz. We’re excited to have you at our table. Dig into the brands, recipes and tools, that'll make your next dish the best one yet.

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The brands you know, the flavors you love — all from Kraft Heinz. Come discover these delicious foods, their rich stories and tasty recipes.

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  1. Superfans

    Submit a flavor idea and you could win $10,000.

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  2. Taco Bell at Home

    Make Taco Bell at home with our flavorful kits and sauces.

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  3. Do The Dunk

    Nothing dunks better than a Kraft Singles grilled cheese.

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  4. No Rules All Drip

    Velveeta is silver spoon and plastic fork approved.

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  5. Sip & Chill

    Enjoy a cafe style ice latte at home with Maxwell House.

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  6. Take the Heinz Quiz

    Get recipes and products recommended just for you.

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  7. Black Kitchen

    Let's celebrate and preserve the legacy of Black food.

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  8. Made for You

    Tailor your mac n' cheese experience. Take the quiz.

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