Creating Smiles Between Bites

At Kraft Heinz, we don't just care about how our food tastes – we also care about how it makes you feel. We believe in making every day a little more delicious.

The Brands You Know and Love

  1. Las Chicas

  2. Lea & Perrins

  3. Bull's-Eye

  4. HP Sauce

New And Tasty

  1. Heinz Barbiecue

    Dye your world a delicious pink with Heinz Barbiecue.

  2. Heinz Beanz Recipe

    Air fryer jacket potatoes and beans for the win.

  3. Heinz Case

    Keep a little Heinz with you at all times.

  4. An Amoy Favourite

    Gyoza, riceballs, dumplings – you name it, we make it.

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Get Inspired

Discover new and exciting ways to use your favourite Kraft Heinz flavours.

Your Favourite Recipes

  1. A roast beef sandwich on a crusty roll topped with pickles, cabbage, and BBQ Sauce.
    Heinz Recipes

  2. Amoy Recipes

  3. A pork taco topped with crema and onions on a colourful plate.
    Las Chicas Recipes

  4. Lea & Perrins Recipes

  5. Bull's-Eye Recipes