Original Cream Cheese Spread

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    Original Cream Cheese Spread

From breakfast to dessert, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is known for its great taste and creamy texture, adding a little something extra that takes every dish to the next level. Philadelphia Cream Cheese is made with fresh milk and real cream, and has since the inception and creation of Philadelphia Cream Cheese in 1872. Dive into immersive pleasure with Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese Spread. Made with fresh milk and real cream for an extra creamy, multi-dimensional taste you can add to any meal. At Philly, we leave out the artificial preservatives, flavors and dyes to ensure a rich, quality flavor. The entire process from farm to creamery takes just six days to create perfection. Our original cream cheese spread is easy to spread, making it the perfect choice for adding to your morning bagel, crafting sushi rolls or preparing pinwheel sandwiches. Keep our two, 16 ounce resealable containers of cream cheese spread refrigerated. With Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread, enjoy a rich, creamy experience you don't just taste, you feel. If you enjoy Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread, try our cream cheese blocks that are perfect for making cheesecake, desserts, dips, savory appetizers, entrees like creamy pasta with spinach, creamy chicken fajitas and more. Everything tastes better with the creamy addition of Philadelphia Cream Cheese.












Serving size: 2 Tbsp (31g)