Believe It.

These are not your average plant-based products.

Mac and (Plant-based) Cheese

Try this delicious collab with Kraft Mac and Cheese, giving you the cheesy-tasting goodness you love, only plant-based.

Hot Diggity NotDog

It's plant-based. Try new Oscar Mayer plant-based sausage and hot dogs.

Tastes like Mayo, Looks like Mayo...

But it's NOT. If you are looking for the perfect plant-based substitute, try NotMayo Plant-Based Mayo.

Discover Our Whole Line of NotProducts

Discover our whole line made with innovative flavor pairings and without meat or dairy.

Don’t Compromise on What You Love

Kraft NotCheese American Style Plant-Based Slices are so creamy and so smooth, you won’t believe they’re made with plant ingredients.

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