A packet of Gravox Chargrilled Beef Gravy, next to a steak in a grill pan, and a glass of red wine.

Enjoyed by Aussie Families for Generations

Gravox has been topping our meals since before the Harbour Bridge. That’s a long time. And a lot of delicious dinners.

Gravy and Oxo

Gravox was first registered in 1917 and came about by combining the words gravy and Oxo. Genius. Thanks to the Clements Brothers, and an endless number of experiments, Keith Clements was able to produce a gravy powder by using the then-unique millstone grinding system to prepare the raw materials.

A packet of Gravox Traditional Gravy.

The Clementses worked tirelessly to establish Gravox to consumers during a time when most households made their own gravy. It wasn’t until World War II, though, when imported gravy products were in short supply, that Gravox became a household name.

In 1953, Cerebos Australia acquired Gravox from the Clements Brothers, making sure that their passion remains to this day. For over 100 years now, Gravox has continued to be a much-loved part of Australian culture, expanding our range and creating flavoursome and convenient products to keep up with the ever-changing family routines. We’ve stayed true to what the Clementses set out to achieve: we’re just like what Mum made!

The entire family of Gravox products sitting on a wooden countertop.