Tips for Successful Jams & Jellies

  • Use firm ripe fruit for the best flavor and results.

  • Buy new jar lids for tight-fitting seals.

  • Always thoroughly wash and sanitize jars before use.

  • Use only the SURE-JELL Pectin product specified in recipe to ensure a proper set.

  • Pectin products are not interchangeable.

  • Do not reduce the sugar in recipe since that will result in set failures.

  • We recommend using Domino or C&H Pure Cane Sugar.

Supplies Needed to make Jam or Jelly

  • Dry Measuring Cup

  • Liquid Measuring Cup

  • 2 Large Bowls

  • Large Saucepan

  • Ladle

  • Jars (If making freezer jam, use freezer-safe jars)

  • Lids

  • Seals


Altitude Chart

At altitudes above 1,000 feet, increase processing time as indicated: 1,001 to 3,000 feet - increase processing time by 5 min.; 3,001 to 6,000 feet - increase processing time by 10 min.; 6,001 to 8,000 feet - increase processing time by 15 min.; 8,001 to 10,000 feet - increase processing time by 20 min.

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