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Everyday Stuffing Mix for Chicken

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    Everyday Stuffing Mix for Chicken

Make every family dinner something to celebrate with Stove Top Stuffing Mix for Chicken. Made with herbs, spices and real chicken broth, our stuffing mix keeps all your family members happy during a Thanksgiving meal. Although stuffing is a Thanksgiving must, you can enjoy Stove Top any time of the year. Serve by itself as a side dish to chicken or use in your recipes to help elevate any dish. Have Thanksgiving leftovers? Turn them into a delicious meal. Use stuffing, roasted chicken and gravy to create a mouthwatering sandwich. You can even use our stuffing to make a bruschetta chicken bake. Stove Top Stuffing Mix for Chicken has a savory, buttery taste that leaves you wanting more with every fluffy forkful. Make as little or as much as you need with our 12 oz canister. Each canister makes around 12 servings. Enjoy life's special moments to the fullest with Stove Top Stuffing Mix.






Serving size: 1/48 package (28g)