A cat approaching a bowl of catfood.

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Like every member of your family, cats need love, attention, and a good diet to be happy and healthy. At Chef, we have carefully developed a wide range of tasty meals for cats to enjoy. Chef is sure to have a favourite for every cat.

A person crouching down to pet their cat with one hand, while holding a bowl of food in the other.
A box of Cats Prefer Chef cat food next to a single can on a red and white background.

It’s Our Business to Keep Cats Purring

Chef is an iconic New Zealand brand that has spent over 45 years developing great cat food with a commitment to excellence and expert nutrition. Our top-notch pouches and cans have been keeping cats happy for 45 years. It's all made right here from local meat, so it's no wonder we're New Zealand's most popular brand of wet cat food, meow!

Felix® is so sure that your cat will love our tasty products that if you are in any way dissastified with the quality of Chef® cat food products, we will fully refund your purchase price. See packaging for further information. It’s Felix® the cat's ‘Catisfaction Guarantee’.